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Invasion of the Ladybirds

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Across the UK people have been experiencing ladybird swarms on their front doors, window frames and inside their homes. However, whilst being a nuisance, these infestations usually only stay for a week.

Why do ladybirds swarm?

Ladybirds swarm in late autumn when the weather turns colder as they are looking for a warm, dry place to spend the winter. They can hibernate in people’s homes, garden sheds or in sheltered crevices outside such as under tree bark. They usually emerge in March or April.

Are ladybirds dangerous?ladybird swarms

Ladybirds are harmless to humans. They don’t sting and if they do bite, their bites don’t cause serious injury or spread disease. However a swarm can comprise of hundreds of ladybirds and they can cause damage to property. When ladybirds become stressed, they secrete blood from the joints in their legs. This has an unpleasant smell and can cause orange stains on furniture, walls, soft furnishings and carpets.

How to deal with a ladybird swarms

Preventing ladybirds getting inside a property is the best solution so it’s advisable to block up any small openings they can use to gain access. However, if ladybirds are swarming in your home you may want to get rid of them before they cause too much damage. To deal with infestations, PEST UK apply a residual insecticide spray to the areas the ladybirds have been seen in and around. If they are in a loft space an insecticide fog can be applied.

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