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Pest Control Contracts for Housing Associations & Property Management Companies

Housing Associations oversee the running of housing estates and blocks of flats for councils.
Management companies are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of privately owned properties on behalf of landlords.

Both are responsible for ensuring that tenants are able to live in safe, pest-free environment, and usually have contracts for regular prevention and monitoring of these premises.

What Will A Contract Do?

  • Placing preventative baits, monitors and traps around the high risk areas such as bin areas, gardens etc.
  • Regularly assess property for potential problem areas like:
    • missing drain plugs in wheelie bins (missing drain plugs leave a hole large enough for a rat to get into the bin and feed on the contents)
    • missing lids
    • over stacking of rubbish and other bad hygiene practices.
  • Some contracts can include additional cover for pest problems in individual flats or houses. These contracts can be tailored for specific pests depending on requirements for pest problems. Some properties need protection from rats and mice, while others may find bed bugs or fleas or even wasps to be more of an issue.

Contracts usually include eight scheduled inspections per year, but obviously these can be changed to suit. Eight is usually sufficient to ensure that if bad hygiene practices do start, then technicians are able to highlight and address these issues before it develops into a major problem.

Pest control contracts at blocks of flats and housing estates will keep the sites virtually rodent free and identify poor hygiene practices.

PEST UK is proud to have a large number of regular contracts with housing associations and management companies. Our technicians are some of the most experienced and conscientious technicians in the country and we also carry out random ‘Oversee’ visits to ensure that our high standards are maintained. PEST UK contracts are available throughout service area – Berkshire, North Hampshire, NW Surrey, South Buckinghamshire and South Oxfordshire.

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