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Get Rid Of Fox Problems | Fox Removal Specialists

Prices from £90/£100 +VAT

To get rid of foxes from your home or business premises call 0800 026 0308

Get rid of foxes gardenHow do foxes cause a nuisance in towns and cities?

Foxes are noisy and cause mess in gardens by breaking into rubbish bins, digging up flower beds and fouling lawns and patios. They can attack pets and carry mange which is dangerous for dogs. A more serious issue is that they carry roundworm (Toxocara Canis), a parasite that can cause blindness in children.



What treatments do we use?

Our technician will discuss which treatment option will be most effective for your situation.

Repellents only work if there’s another area that a fox can move to but if the fox population pressure is high then this is unlikely to happen.

Trapping is the most effective treatment. We use live catch cage traps however these can only be used if you are able to check them daily which is a legal requirement. You must call the office when a fox is caught and a technician will come to remove it.

We do not guarantee fox treatments.


Repellent application £90/£100 +VAT
Trapping £220/£260 +VAT

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Get rid of foxesThe fox is a member of the dog family and is found in country and urban areas. They make their homes by digging holes in the ground called ‘earths’ and eat wild food such as berries, small mammals, insects, worms and fruit mixed with bird food, refuse and carrion.

The average life span of foxes in the wild is 2-years. They mate in January and February which causes a nuisance with their barking and screaming. Litters are born in March with an average five cubs. The cubs are weaned at 5-weeks but may stay with the mother for 3 to 4-months.