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Pest Control Contracts in Food Premises

Pest control contracts are vital for premises where food is manufactured or sold.

Food premises need to be kept as hygienic and sterile as possible in order to reduce the risks of contamination, and the potential for causing illness and worse in clients and customers – not to mention the financial devastation from possible law suits. Food premises where pests have caused problems can find themselves suffering the consequences long after the problem has been solved.

Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee shops and Take-Aways should all have reliable, regular contracts in place. Pest control for food manufacturing premises, warehouses, bakeries and factories are just as important, for exactly the same reasons:

  • Food attracts pests
  • Pests carry disease
  • Food becomes contaminated
  • Customers become ill

Cutting costs on pest control contracts can have serious consequences. It may be tempting to forego a pest control contract in order to save some money, but it is a risk – a foolish risk!

At PEST UK we believe that any food premises should have a contract with at least 8 scheduled inspections per year. This gives a six week interval between visits. PEST UK understand the enormous financial pressures faced by small businesses at the moment, but we believe so strongly in the importance of an 8 visit annual contract that we have drastically reduced the price of this contract to encourage customers to stick with the 8 visit contract.

The 8 visit contract includes the following at every visit:

  • Laying of preventative baits, monitors, traps
  • Laying pheromone cockroach monitors.
  • Assess and recommend hygiene and proofing where necessary

An ideal scenario is one where premises are well proofed, with good hygiene practices thereby reducing the need for toxic baits to an absolute minimum. This should result in an 8 visit contract that offers a mixture of monitoring traps, non toxic baits and cockroach pheromone monitors. Cockroach pheromone monitors are very important as they often pick up cockroach problems before they are noticed by staff, the environmental health inspector or customers. The main reason for the spread of cockroaches is the introduction of 2nd hand fridges and other catering equipment. Unfortunately it is often the smaller premises that suffer these problems.

After every visit a written report is made out for the manager to sign. This contains details of any problems, recommended action for the owner to take in respect to hygiene and/or proofing and baits laid or removed.

A well run pest control contract will save money and your reputation in the long run. It is a gamble to operate without one.
Give us a call to see how an 8 visit contract can benefit your food premises