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Electric Fly Killers (EFK)

PEST UK have selected what we consider to be the most effective EFK’s from the vast range available. Should you have any different requirements then please give us an email or phone.

Compact 15W

The new compact has been designed for the smaller area. Although it is economically priced, it has been made to commercial standards.


Compact Circline

Like the new compact, the compact circline has been made to commercial standards yet economically priced.


Compact Maxi

The largest of the compact range giving 80 watts of light output.


Fusion Glue Board

There are two models within this range FUSION 2 and FUSION 4. It is the ideal alternative to conventional high voltage machines. They have a unique ‘thru board light technology’ all the lamps can be seen from both sides of the machine, thus giving maximum attraction to flying insects.

  • Fusion 2 – £180.00
  • Fusion 4 – £264.00


The Fly-Shield range offers probably one of the most popular, discreet, front of house choices on the market. Like other glue board machines in the insect-a-clear range these stainless steel machines attract and trap the flying insects on a UV stabilised glue board, without any annoying zap.

  • Fly-shield 1 is £94.80
  • Fly-Shield 2 is £141.60
  • Fly-Shield 4 is £216.00