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Pest Control in Banbury

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9 Tarragon Walk
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How do I get rid of pests in Banbury?

PEST UK are a fully insured, independent pest control company and offer a prompt response within 24-hours. Our professionally trained and qualified technicians follow the BPCA Codes of Best Practice. We provide safe, legal and effective pest control services for homes and business premises.

The office in Banbury is run by Reece Carrington, one of our pest control technicians. The most common pest problems we deal with are ants, bees, bed bugs, fleas, rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, wasps & wasp nests, hornets, bird & pigeon proofing.

We have vast experience in controlling pests in a variety of commercial situations

  • pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • school, college and university buildings
  • farms and stables
  • offices
  • factories
  • housing estates and apartment buildings
  • shops

We offer tailor-made pest control contracts for domestic and commercial premises. A contract provides the simplest way to proof against and deter pests. As a result you can avoid costly damage to your property and the spread of disease.

About Banbury

Banbury is a historic market town on the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire, located 22 miles north of Oxford. The town is famed for Banbury cakes that are an oval shape, similar to Eccles cakes. The filling typically includes currants, mixed peel, brown sugar, rose water, rum, and nutmeg.

The name Banbury comes from ‘Banna’, a Saxon chieftain who supposedly built a stockade in the 6th century and appears Domesday Book. Banbury stands at the junction of 2 ancient roads- Salt Way, used as a bridle path primarily to transport salt; and Banbury Lane beginning near Northampton. The medieval prosperity of the area was from wool production.

Banbury had an important part in to play in the English Civil War, as a base for Oliver Cromwell. He reputedly planned the battle of Edge Hill in the back room of the Reindeer Inn, now known as the Ye Olde Reine Deer Inn. Banbury Castle, built in 1135, was manned by Royalist Soldiers, yet the towns inhabitants were Puritan. This castle was demolished after the war.

The Oxford Canal is a popular tourism location and pleasure boat travel for weekends and holidays can be completed along its length. This was previously the main trade artery between London and the Midlands.

If you would like advice on how to get rid of pests in Banbury call PEST UK on 01295 380 247 or email us at

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Some of the pests we deal with:
RatsYou may see rats during daylight hours but they prefer to operate at night.
AntsWorker ants will frequently enter dwellings foraging for food, particularly sweet substances.
CockroachesCockroaches are mainly nocturnal so they are more likely to be seen at night.
SquirrelsThe most common complaint about Squirrels is when they take residence in a loft space.
MiceYou may see, hear or smell a mouse problem or see other evidence such as burrowing in insulation or soil.
WaspsWasps are aggressive and will sting readily if they think the nest is in danger.

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