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Camera Survey to Find Rat Problems in Drains & Sewers

Prices from £200/£240 +VAT

To book a camera survey to find rat problems in drains & sewers at your home or business premises call 0800 026 0308

PEST UK ‘s specialist camera is extremely high quality and is designed to identify holes accessed by rats in pipes beneath buildings. It is the type of camera used by drain companies and is capable of taking photographs and videos of any defects. Particularly in situations where a house has an extension and utilities have been moved around or new toilets are installed there are often problems in drains and sewers.

Usually a camera survey is necessary if a house has had intermittent rat problems for a very long time, but there are no visible entry points from outside the house where there are many very old houses that have been altered a lot over the years. The range of the camera is enough to identify breaches near or under a building, and it can extend up to 40-metres.

If you have rats in an extension, or your property that has recently had building work, it may be prudent to have a camera survey to find rat problems in drains and sewers along with a rat treatment, to rule out subterranean entry by rats.

The main purpose of the camera survey is to give solutions to long-standing rat problems, and without understanding the full layout of the private drain and where it flows into the public sewer, it is not always possible to establish where to always fit a non-return valve (sometimes known as a rat flap). The drain camera allows the layout of the drains to be fully understood, and the valve can be installed correctly.

Our price is far cheaper than a full scale camera survey carried out by large drainage companies. We will reduce this charge if the survey is conducted in conjunction with a treatment at the same time. For that we can film the sewer/or take pictures of any defects found for a distance of up to 40 metres to detect breaches around the external wall/sewer entry point. The film is recorded onto a memory card which can be played back on a computer or sent via email or WhatsApp to the client.

PEST UK cannot guarantee that a one way sewer valve installation will resolve an issue with rats in the sewers but in a lot of cases they are successful in preventing rats accessing a property.

How much does it cost for a camera survey?

Basic camera survey from £200/£240 +VAT

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