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Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

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We guarantee to reduce the infestation to a level that further damage stops for 1-month after the initial treatment, only if the correct preparation and aftercare have been carried out.

Carpet beetles have overtaken clothes moths as the most prolific textile pest found in the UK.

An infestation of carpet beetles results in lots of well-defined round holes along the seams of fabric where they have eaten through the thread. The damage is caused by the larvae, known as “woolly bears”. They are approx 4mm long, covered in brown hairs and tend to roll up when disturbed.

The larvae are most active in October before they hibernate. They feed on feathers, fur, hair or wool. The life cycle of a carpet beetle takes about a year and the larvae can survive starvation for several months.



Adult carpet beetles are 2-4mm long, an oval shape and have a mottled brown, grey and cream colour. They only feed on pollen and nectar but lay their eggs in old birds’ nests, felt, fabric or accumulated fluff in buildings. Adults are often seen in April, May and June, seeking egg-laying sites.


Preparation you must undertake prior to treatment

  • Clear all clutter from the floors (toys, books, boxes, DVDs, posters, shoes etc).
  • Remove the contents of wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.
  • Vacuum all the floors including under furniture, with particular attention to the edges of carpets.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture including under the cushions where debris will have collected.
  • Vacuum and clean the interiors of wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.
  • After vacuuming remove the vacuum bag and place in an outside bin.
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Ensure cutlery, food, clothes, towels, toothbrushes etc are covered.


  • Immediately after treatment let the spray dry; don’t clean or wipe up any puddles.
  • Don’t touch the treated surfaces or let pets into the treated area until dry.
  • If you do get the insecticide on your skin wash it off immediately.
  • Reduce the humidity by opening windows and increase the heat to allow the treatment to work most effectively.
  • Don’t vacuum for at least 1-month.
  • For the first week of vacuuming, thoroughly vacuum at least once a day but preferably twice, paying particular attention to the edges of carpets and areas which are usually undisturbed.
  • After vacuuming remove the vacuum bag and place in an outside bin.
  • Don’t clean surfaces for at least 1-month.
  • After 1-month thoroughly clean wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, radiators, corners, cracks, skirting boards, mouldings and hard-to-reach places.
  • Ongoing it is essential to continue thoroughly vacuuming, paying particular attention to the edges of carpets and areas which are usually undisturbed as small numbers may continue to breed under carpets where they will not come into contact with the insecticide.

Products we use

The technician will state which repellent has been used on the report they give you after they have completed the treatment. Click each product to access its safety data sheet. All insecticides are biodegradable, almost odourless, non-tainting and don’t corrode or stain.