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Pest Inspection Services by a Field Biologist

It is essential that food and beverage manufacturers and all their suppliers, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, pharmaceutical companies, organisations providing care such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools have an in-depth pest inspection by a BPCA-certificated field biologist four times per year to meet the requirements of the health inspectors.

Why is a pest inspection by a field biologist important?

Infestations of pests can threaten customers’ safety, result in low hygiene ratings from health inspectors and damage a company’s reputation, so it’s important to carry out regular inspections. If a supplier doesn’t have pest inspection reports to meet the requirements of its customers it will impact their operations.

What is a pest inspection by a field biologist?

Our BPCA-certificated field biologist is a highly experienced pest controller who has been trained to have the technical expertise and knowledge to carry out in-depth pest inspections. A pest inspection:

  • determines the current levels of pest activity within a site
  • checks the quality of current pest control measures
  • reviews all pest control related documentation to check it is up to date
  • recommends pest prevention measures and suggest alternative approaches to resolving problems
  • provides an inspection report

What is included in an inspection report?

As a result of a pest inspection by our field biologist a detailed report will be provided including:

  • which areas inspected are pest free
  • which areas inspected require attention due to pest infestation
  • the adequacy of the current pest control measures
  • recommendations of alternative proactive pest management practices
  • recommendations concerning improvements in site standards
  • pest control related documentation

Our field biologist works with the site’s pest control technician to design a comprehensive programme tailored to the needs of that site in order to eradicate pest infestations and maintain pest-free conditions.


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