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Pest Control Contracts for Scientific & Research Centres

Hygiene is paramount for scientific and research centres. Large premises that include:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Oil
  • Laboratories
  • Animal research
  • Agricultural research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology

A lot of these premises require sterile environments and therefore need to have a completely reliable pest control system in place.

PEST UK have several pest control contracts in Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Surrey, South Bucks and North Hampshire covering scientific and research centres.

These sites are generally large and include 2 sites where animals are kept on site, therefore increasing the risk of rats. Another is an agro chemical research site with many greenhouses and outbuildings which are surrounded by farmland. They even have their own sewage plant and incinerator. This is the largest site we have a contract with, and we are very proud of our technician Rick Pellen who took over this site when it had significant pest control problems. These were cleared up in a matter of weeks, and Rick works hard to ensure that this site is regularly monitored, and any issues are identified and dealt with quickly and efficiently during his regular monthly visits.

Pest control contracts at sites like these give clients the knowledge that their sites are being maintained virtually pest free. Also, in the unlikely event that a problem does occur they know that the PEST UK technician is familiar with their site, their products, their security procedures etc, and will therefore get to the root of the problem immediately.

If you have a site where hygiene is paramount, talk to PEST UK about setting up a regular contract to ensure that pests are never a problem on your site.