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Providing pest control services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Midlands, West Sussex, Wiltshire. Est. 1985.

Prices for Pest Control Services

All prices for pest control services are subject to 20% VAT

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Payment must be paid in advance by credit/debit card, fast payment bank transfer or PayPal including Pay in 3 and PayPal Credit


Disinfectant fogging from £90 +VAT
Biocide treatment from £90 +VAT
Ants x1 spray, from £108 +VAT
Bed bugs x1 spray, from £162 +VAT
x2 sprays*, from £288 +VAT
steam & insecticide treatment*, from £840 +VAT
full heat treatment*, from £1,500 +VAT
Bee swarm removal from £90 +VAT
Bee nest extraction call or email for a quote
Bee removal from chimney removal of bees, per chimney, from £180 +VAT
installation of mesh, per chimney, from £20 +VAT
Bird proofing from £90 +VAT
Bird proofing a chimney install a cowl or guard, per chimney, from £220 +VAT
Birds hawking, from £300 +VAT
Cluster flies from £108 +VAT
Cockroaches x2 visits, from £162 +VAT
Drainage plug/bung for large capacity wheelie bins install a drainage plug/bung in a large capacity wheelie bin, from £60 +VAT
Fleas from £108 +VAT
Flies from £108 +VAT
Foxes initial consultation, from £84 +VAT
repellent application – no consultation needed, from £108 +VAT
shooting (dusk/night), from £204 +VAT
trapping, from £264 +VAT
Glis glis x3 visits, from £165 +VAT
additional visit, from £60 +VAT
Insects from £108 +VAT
Ladybirds from £108 +VAT
Loft insulation removal & installation depends on size of loft, call for a quote
Mice x2 visits, from £198 +VAT
Mites / plaster beetles from £108 +VAT
Moles trapping, x2 visits, from £198 +VAT
gassing x1 application, x2 visits, from £240 +VAT
Moths from £108 +VAT
Pigeons culling, from £144 +VAT
Rabbits gassing to treat 25-30 rabbit holes, from £300 +VAT
cage trapping x4 visits, from £240 +VAT
shooting (dusk/night), from £204 +VAT
Rats x2 visits, from £198 +VAT
basic sewer camera survey (written report), from £200 +VAT
CCTV sewer camera survey (video footage + written report), from £200 +VAT
fitting of 4-inch sewer valve, from £204 +VAT
fitting of 6-inch sewer valve, from £360 +VAT
Rodent proofing for rats, mice, squirrels & glis glis, from £90 +VAT
Silverfish from £90 +VAT
Slugs from £90 +VAT
Solar panel protection call or email for a quote (we need photos and height of building)
Spiders from £108 +VAT
Squirrels unlimited visits to deal with current infestation, from £198 +VAT
Wasps & hornets swarms & nests, from £90 +VAT
Woodlice from £108 +VAT
Woodworm treatment, from £120 +VAT
Site survey – rodents / insects from £70 +VAT
Call out fee only charged if no work is carried out during visit £60 +VAT
Bank Holiday/Sunday surcharge £60 +VAT
 *Guaranteed results provided preparation and aftercare has been adhered to.

Please note:

10% discount is available to larger, regular customers

Annual pest control contracts start from £240 +VAT for x4 visits