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Domestic Pest Control

Pest Control Contracts for Private Homes

Pest Control contracts are not just for Commercial Premises. Some private homes can benefit from these contracts too.

The cost effectiveness of pest control contracts for private homes depends on the size and location of the property. Large houses located near farmland or rivers can have as many problems as restaurants located in a town centre. Older houses especially can have a lot of problems.

Large country homes may keep chickens or other live stock or feed wild birds, all of which will attract rats and mice. In some cases the owners are not in residence all the time, and the house is empty for long periods. Smaller family homes that are occupied all year round are unlikely to need regular pest control contracts and if we don’t think it necessary we’re honest enough to say so.

The Benefits of Pest Control Contracts for Private Homes.

  • Maintaining a pest-free home is obviously the major benefit
  • Preventing disease in livestock and pets. Pests, particularly rats and mice can carry disease and it can be easily spread to your beloved livestock and pets. Stables, chicken houses, kennels etc are areas where pests need to be controlled.
  • Peace of Mind – not only the reassurance of knowing your property is being kept pest free, but also the reassurance of knowing you are dealing with a company that is trustworthy. All PEST UK technicians are CRB checked, and none has any criminal convictions. A specific technician is assigned to your contract and you are assured that the same technician will always be responsible for your contract. PEST UK are proud of their low staff turnover, and is fairly confident that your assigned technician will be unlikely to change for many years. Not only do the technicians need to be honest but also discreet – a number of PEST UK contracts are for high profile public figures.

Domestic Pest Control Contracts are tailor-made to fit the needs of the householder. A home with large stable will need more visits than one without. Also a home that is unoccupied for long periods will need more visits than one that is constantly occupied. PEST UK offer a free quotation for all domestic contracts, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements