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Domestic Pest Control

Pest Control Contracts for Private Homes

The best way to deal with pests in your home is to avoid an infestation in the first place. Preventative pest control can avoid costly damage to your property and the spread of disease. Once an infestation has started, it can be time consuming and costly to eradicate, particularly in the case of bed bugs. A tailor-made domestic pest control contract is the simplest way to proof against and deter pests in a private home.

Why choose a professional pest control company

We have knowledge of:

  • the optimum place to treat an infestation;
  • the correct treatment for each pest;
  • how often to keep treating to eradicate the infestation;
  • the best methods of proofing against and deterring pests to give you the best chance of permanently eradicating them.

PESTUK will assess your property and design a domestic pest control contract to fit its needs.

Properties which are more likely to require a tailor-made domestic pest control contract are:

  • older
  • in the countryside
  • in a town
  • located near a river
  • empty for long periods
  • with stables, chickens, kennels and other pets or livestock

If we don’t think it necessary for you to have a pest control contract for your property we’re honest enough to say so.

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