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Wasp & Fly Traps

‘,If it is the case that wasps are a nuisance in a garden in late Summer then wasp traps may be the answer. Wasps will travel long distances for food and water sources so dealing with nests nearby (if they can be found) may not cure the problem. We sell and instal Wasp & Fly traps at PEST UK. Please phone 0330 1002811 (local rate) for details.

Late July to October (may be early November) are the months where wasp trapping is beneficial. Wasps cause more of a general nuisance in late Summer & Autumn than the rest of the year. More people are likely to be stung during this time. There are several reasons for this. First it is the time when the workers have no function any more. There are no longer any grubs in the nest to feed as the Queen has stopped laying. Her last brood (normally in August but can vary due to the weather etc) would have been new Queens & Drones. These new Queens will hibernate after mating with Drones from other nests while the rest of the colony die off as Winter progresses. Once these Queen & Drone grubs have been raised and fed by the workers and the original Queen may have already died then the workers have no work to do. The days are shorter as well so they will be out of the nest in most of the daylight hours.

Earlier in the Summer, more time may have been spent constructing & maintaining the nest, keeping the nest cool or tending to the grubs. The ceasing of grub production co co coincides with the ripening of fruit. So due to the following factors: wasps are outside more, the population of wasps has peaked, a change of diet from flies, aphids, caterpillars and insects to fruit, workers have nothing to do but feed themselves and also a diet of ripening fruit makes them drunk and aggressive. This means that people are more likely to be bothered when outside by wasps looking for food. Wasp traps can relieve, but not solve the problem. At PEST UK a number of customers (including domestic, golf courses, hotels, rubbish tips, polo centers, pubs, restaurants etc) have wasp traps installed and serviced monthly at this time of the year. These types of traps have an added bonus of also attracting and catching flies.

Prices for the Installation of Disposable Wasps Traps

The price for the installation of disposable wasp traps (pre baited) is:
Wasp Trap (disposable) x 1 = £20.00 + VAT
Per Trap thereafter = £15.00 + VAT

Prices for the installation of Non-Disposable Wasp Traps & Monthly Servicing

Wasp Trap x 1 = £20.00 + VAT
Per Trap thereafter = £15.00 + VAT

Servicing up to 6 traps £50.00 + VAT each visit (needs to be monthly)