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How to prevent rat problems | Rats access properties via drains

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Rat problems in drains

Avoid rat problems in drains as the drains provide rats with easy access to a property if they haven’t been proofed. If a property has been left vacant for a significant period, the toilets won’t be flushed which leaves the drainage system dry making it very easy for rats to move around the pipework. This provides the ideal conditions for an infestation of rats to occur.

Our technician, Rick Pellen, attended a property that had been unoccupied for approximately six months. The owner had noticed rat droppings in the lounge and other areas when he went to check the property.

What does a PEST UK technician do to eradicate a rat infestation?

During his inspection of the inside the property, Rick found that rats had chewed through the back of a toilet pan connector which indicated that they had accessed the property via the drains. After using a camera to check there were no other faults in the toilet system, he replaced the pan connector with a new one.

In the loft he found evidence that rats were present so he placed bait boxes in strategic positions to eradicate the infestation within the property.

Outside Rick checked to see where rats may have gained access to the property. He also carried out a drain survey which identified where the rats had breached the drain to access the property.





Rick fitted a one way return drain valve to stop rats from entering the drain system again and applied bait to get rid of rats in the area around the drain pipe.







Why is it necessary to deal with a rat infestation quickly?

Luckily the owner noticed the infestation in its early stages before major damage had been caused by the rats. Rats are prolific breeders and the potential for exponential growth in the rat population in a very short time is massive. They can cause serious structural damage by chewing through electrical cables which can cause fires, water and gas pipes etc. Many instances of electrical fires and floods have been attributed to them. Replacing pipes and cables can be very costly.

How can PEST UK help?

For any property* left vacant for a number of weeks, particularly if no one is able to check it regularly, it’s very easy for an infestation of rats to take over the property. To ensure this doesn’t happen, PEST UK offer pest control contracts which start at £220 +VAT per year which will save money by avoiding costs from damage caused by rats and other pests.

*Properties include vacant houses for sale, office buildings for sale, holiday properties out of season, vacant shops/restaurants.

How much does it cost to get rid of rats?

x2 visits to place and remove bait   from £165/£200 +VAT

Basic camera survey of drains/sewers   from £200/£240 +VAT
Fit a one-way return sewer valve/rat flap   from £170/£200 +VAT

Proof your property to prevent rats gaining access   from £75/£90 +VAT

Biocidal spray treatment   from £90/£100 +VAT

Please see our price list

What products do we use?

Each of the products below has a data sheet on our Data Sheets page

Ratimor Wax Blocks
Rodilon Soft Block
Rodilon Trio
Rodilon Wheat Tech
Talon Soft
Talon Wax Blocks

PX 60 RTU Odourcide
PX Odourcide

Biocidal Spray
PX Parvo

All insecticides are biodegradable, almost odourless, non-tainting and do not corrode or stain, as well as being completely harmless to mammals.

Pest UK are a member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association)


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