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Commercial Pest Control Contracts

PEST UK protect thousands of square metres of commercial premises from pests under commercial contracts. These include shopping centres, business parks, office buildings, food manufacturers, supermarkets, waste sites, farms, factories, historic properties, hotels, restaurants and pubs. In some cases an infestation of pests can cause a premises to close.

Every situation requires a different solution for the prevention, management and control of pests. We provide a bespoke commercial contract tailored to the requirements of each client.

We carry out a survey to scope and assess the requirements of the property/site and then provide you with a report and recommendations for the ongoing prevention, management and control of any pest infestations. Regular inspection visits prevent pest problems at the site. We usually advise eight scheduled inspects so the gap between visits isn’t too long as infestations can escalate very quickly.

The contract usually includes:

Initial proofing

  • External proofing to ensure there are no access points for the whole building such as air bricks, sewers and utility pipes, cables and conduits.
  • Internal proofing of areas are attractive to pests such as kitchen and bathroom facilities and any areas where activities are carried out which require extra measures to prevent infestations.
  • Placing pest control solutions appropriate to the situation for the prevention, management and control of pests

Scheduled visits during which technicians check for the following

  • Breaches in external and internal proofing
  • Preventative baits are still in place and don’t need refreshing
  • Monitors and traps are working
  • Cleanliness of boxes, hygiene and other pest related issues

Extra charges

  • Arranging to fix breaches in external access points
  • Arranging to fix internal proofing of individual rooms

We understand that our clients may require a more discreet approach and we can make out of hours visits if required.

If we don’t think it necessary for you to have a pest control contract for your property we’re honest enough to say so.


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PEST UK are a full member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association), the governing body for pest control in the UK.