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Providing pest control services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Midlands, West Sussex, Wiltshire. Est. 1985.

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City Prices

All prices for pest control services are subject to 20% VAT

Payment must be paid in advance by credit/debit card, fast payment bank transfer or PayPal including Pay in 3 and PayPal Credit


Disinfectant fogging from £100 +VAT
Biocide treatment from £100 +VAT
Ants x1 spray, from £100 +VAT
Bed bugs x1 spray, from £160 +VAT
x2 sprays*, from £280 +VAT
steam & insecticide treatment*, from £820 +VAT
full heat treatment*, per room, from £640 +VAT
Bees swarms, from £85 +VAT
Bee nest extraction from £700 +VAT
Bee mesh to protect a chimney from bees removal or treatment of bees and install bee mesh, per chimney, from £250 +VAT
Bird proofing from £85 +VAT
Bird proofing a chimney install a cowl or guard, per chimney, from £260 +VAT
Birds hawking, from £380 +VAT
Cluster flies from £100 +VAT
Cockroaches x2 visits, from £160 +VAT
Drainage plug/bung for large capacity wheelie bins install a drainage plug/bung in a large capacity wheelie bin, from £80 +VAT
Fleas from £100 +VAT
Flies from £100 +VAT
Foxes initial consultation, from £80 +VAT
repellent application – no consultation needed, from £100 +VAT
shooting (dusk/night), from £204 +VAT
trapping, from £260 +VAT
Glis glis x3 visits, from
additional visit, from
Insects from £100 +VAT
Ladybirds from £100 +VAT
Loft insulation removal & installation depends on size of loft, call for a quote
Mice x2 visits, from £200 +VAT
Mites / plaster beetles from £100 +VAT
Moles trapping, x2 visits, from £200 +VAT
gassing x1 application, x2 visits, from £240 +VAT
Moths from £100 +VAT
Pigeons culling, from £140 +VAT
Rabbits gassing to treat 25-30 rabbit holes, from £300 +VAT
cage trapping x4 visits, from £300 +VAT
shooting (dusk/night), from £204 +VAT
Rats x2 visits, from £200 +VAT
Rat problems in sewers basic sewer camera survey (written report), from £240 +VAT
basic sewer camera survey combined with a rat treatment, from £320 +VAT
CCTV sewer camera survey (video footage + written report), from £290 +VAT
fitting of 4-inch sewer valve, from £190 +VAT
fitting of 6-inch sewer valve, from £330 +VAT
Rodent proofing for rats, mice, squirrels & glis glis, from £90 +VAT
Silverfish from £100 +VAT
Slugs from £100 +VAT
Solar panel protection call or email for a quote (we need photos and height of building)
Spiders from £100 +VAT
Squirrels unlimited visits to deal with current infestation, from £200 +VAT
Wasps & hornets swarms & nests, from £85 +VAT
Woodlice from £100 +VAT
Woodworm treatment, from £100 +VAT
Survey for rodents or insects site survey without a treatment, from £80 +VAT
Call out fee only charged if no work is carried out during visit £55 +VAT
Bank Holiday/Sunday surcharge £55 +VAT
 *Guaranteed results provided preparation and aftercare has been adhered to.  

Please note:

10% discount is available to larger, regular customers

Annual pest control contracts start from £200 +VAT per year