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Pest Control and Cleaning

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Pest Control and Cleaning

PESTUK are often asked to disinfect, clean or treat with a biocide areas contaminated by rats. mice, squirrels or pigeons. In some cases these droppings can cause serious diseases, smells and cause irritant dust that can lead to respiratory problems. In some cases it may be necessary to remove and replace all the loft insulation. It depends on the level of contamination. A lot of cases can have the disease aspect dealt with by a pest control technician applying a biocide which kills any bacteria associated with these types of problems. These biocide formulations are designed especially for pest issues.

Prices of Pest Control and Cleaning

The price for a biocide treatment to a loft is £65 + VAT (unless extremely large) and if carried out in conjunction with a rodent or bird treatment then will be discounted by 10%. For prices on the loft insulation disposal and replacement then please go to the main PEST UK web site at:

Below are ‘before and after’ pictures of a clean and biocide job that Konrad of PEST UK carried out in Wembley on 1st September 2017. We are very proud of the high standard of Konrad’s work. He is as well of course an excellent Pest Control Technician as well as being excellent at this sort of work.



The British Pest Control Association (The BPCA)

PESTUK are full BPCA members. This is an association that has strict criteria for member companies before they are awarded membership and ongoing checks to see standards are kept up while members. All have to be properly insured, qualified (with proof of ongoing training) and CRB checked. See:

Contacting PEST UK for Pest Control and Cleaning

You can phone or e mail PEST UK for advice or to book an appointment at any time, the phone lines are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Never is the phone answered by a machine.


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