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Bird and Pigeon Proofing

Buildings need protecting from birds

Birds roosting and nesting on houses and office buildings can cause lots of problems. The main culprits are:

  • Pigeons roost and nest in sheltered areas on roofs and balconies of apartment blocks and commercial buildings.
  • Gulls roost and nest in sheltered areas on roofs of commercial buildings.
  • House martins build their nests under the eaves of houses.
  • Jackdaws build their nests in chimneys of old houses.

Birds roosting and nesting on buildings can cause lots of problems:

  • Nesting birds and their young are noisy.
  • Large amounts of droppings smell unpleasant and make a building look unsightly.
  • The droppings contain pathogens and bacteria which can cause very serious illness if breathed in (once dried) or ingested.
  • Pigeon droppings are acidic which can corrode and erode brickwork, metalwork and stonework.
  • Birds’ nests have mites, ticks, fleas and beetles which can find their way into the building.
  • Nesting materials, feathers and droppings can block gutters and drains as well as reducing the effectiveness of solar panels.
  • Birds can cause damage to roofs, gutters, chimneys, air conditioning units, solar panels etc.
  • Gulls can be aggressive, particularly in spring and summer when they breed and raise their young.

How to deter birds

Bird proofing an area is easier than culling the birds and removing the mess and debris they make. It is against the law to disturb, eggs, nests or young birds. However, once the breeding season is over the nests can be removed and the area treated with pesticide to remove any insect infestations. Pigeons breed all year-round which can make it difficult.

Bird Free repellent gel

Bird Free repellent gel is a harmless, unobtrusive and humane method of deterring all types of birds. It creates a glow similar to shimmering fire whilst emitting a pungent odour which together cause an aversion response in birds. PESTUK’s technicians place the gel in areas which are particularly attractive for them to roost or nest.

Left undisturbed the gel remains completely effective for two years, even in the most exposed and polluted environment, without maintenance. The cost will vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated.


Netting can be installed to prevent parts of a building from being accessed by pigeons and gulls to roost and nest. It is ideal to protect balconies and areas of a rooftop from birds landing and perching.






Bird spikes

Bird spikes can be installed on anything which birds can use to perch such as chimneys, lights, balconies and tv aerials. They prevent pigeons from perching and fouling the walls of a building and making a mess of areas below.



Bird proofing commercial buildings


Pigeon netting over air conditioning units on a hotel roof in Slough

Pigeons and gulls roosting and nesting on rooftops are a problem for office buildings, hotels, factories and business premises. Large amounts of bird droppings smell unpleasant and make a building look unsightly. They can also make the pavements and walkways below slippery. This can damage a company’s reputation.

An infestation of birds is a serious health hazard. By nesting and fouling in and around air conditioning units, nesting materials, feathers and droppings can block vents and contaminate the air flowing into the unit which can spread airborne disease throughout the building. Droppings on the roof of a building are dangerous to workmen who need to make repairs.

If a building is used for food production or packing this violates the Food Safety Regulations 1995 and may result in prosecution of the food company.





Rooftop solar panels need protecting from birds


The area below solar panels is perfect for birds to roost and nest as it provides shelter from the weather and predators. The buildup of nesting materials and droppings can reduce the effectiveness of the solar panels.

For information about how PEST UK bird proof rooftop solar panels see Solar Panel Bird Proofing




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