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Proofing For Rats, Mice & Squirrels

Proofing is an efficient, long-term solution to preventing rodent infestations from your property.

A large portion of our rat and mouse jobs at PEST UK are associated with flats, terraced and semi-detached houses. This means that in a lot of these types of dwellings control just by using rodenticides may be short-lived and re-infestation is likely to occur. How long before (or if) the dwelling is re-infested depends on individual circumstances. However, unless the external access points are found and dealt with then re-infestation is likely. In an ideal world, the whole of the building (as well as sewers and utility pipes, cables & conduits) should be inspected for breaches and fixed. As in a lot of cases, this is not possible then proofing individual rooms from the inside may be the only option.

Rats and mice may travel some distance undetected through cavity walls, soffits, and loft spaces before either coming to an area where they are seen, heard or evidence (droppings, smells or damage) is noted. They may be entering a row of terraced houses several properties away from where they are actually appearing. The route into a building may be sub-terrain. In many cases blocking access points externally is not possible so proofing individual houses or rooms is the answer. If an area is boxed off (which is normal in modern bathrooms and
kitchens) then holes and gaps around pipes are often left open by builders as they are not seen but which allow access by rodents.

Kitchens, lofts and bathrooms are the rooms with the most utilities in so these are the rooms in a residence that rodents will have the easiest access to once they are in the structure of the building. Not forgetting that kitchens are a host to our food which is equally, if not more, inviting to a rodent.

Prices For Rat & Mouse Proofing

Mice can get through a 1cm gap. Proofing for rodents needs to be carried out by a professional pest control technician who understands rodents and their behaviour. To do this properly is time-consuming and may seem costly, but worth it in the long run. With the average rodent treatment costing around £140, it’s only a matter of time before reoccurring visits add up to more than the initial cost of proofing.

Typical prices for complete rodent proofing in a kitchen

Kitchen 3-5 units from £500.00 + VAT

Kitchen 5-10 units from £700.00 + VAT


Prices range from £1000.00 + VAT to £1400.00 + VAT depending on size.

Rat damaged air brick

Proofing Air bricks for Rats & Mice

The older style air bricks allow mice to squeeze through the gaps while the newer plastic ones (see picture) can be gnawed through by rats. We can fit air brick covers to these to solve the rodent problem if this is the access point.

Sometimes there is more than one entry point and only by proofing many different areas will a solution be reached.

Prices For Grey Squirrel Proofing

Any proofing for Squirrels should be done after the present family of squirrels has been eliminated. If done before then the squirrels will cause additional damage trying to get back into their home. Unless there are existing holes, squirrels coming across a roof will not try to access the loft as they don’t know its there. 

Prices for Grey Squirrel Proofing in Lofts

Prices for proofing lofts involving grey squirrels start from £65.00 + VAT – depending on how high the areas that need work on are. (Proofing for squirrels normally is done externally while rats & mice usually internally.) Prices may vary if more is needed to be done to ensure a squirrel infestation has been eliminated. The PEST UK technician in all cases can supply quotes for any proofing work.

It is worth mentioning that in some cases proofing may not prevent rodents accessing a property as they could be getting in via a sewer breach or exposed pipework. The access point is not always accessible or easily identified as well. We advise you to visit our ‘Rat Problems & Sewers’ page for more information on this subject.

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