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Ants Nests

Ants Nests: Ants in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, South Buckinghamshire & West London are suffering as are other insects due to the extended cold weather and the late start of Spring. Hibernating insects still use up energy whilst hibernating are are prone to evaporation (depending on humidity). Now warmer weather has finally arrived the

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Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies: At last the weather has got slightly warmer. This brings insects out of hibernation. One of the first to make a difference to a pest control company are Cluster Flies. These flies gather in cavities to hibernate for the Winter. They are not feeding or breeding but are only interested in hibernating. As

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Cockroaches, treatment options

Cockroaches, treatment options: Cockroaches are less of a problem or pest control companies regarding treatment. This is because 15 years ago the only way to deal with cockroach infestations was with a residual insecticide spray. This would work but only if the surfaces were clean, grease & dust free. As cockroaches like to live inside

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Wasp Jobs for 2013

Wasp Jobs Income from wasp nest removals are a large percentage of all pest control companies (and Local Authorities) earnings. Last year (2012) was a disastrous year for pest control companies due to the absence of wasp nests. In July 2011 we were booking between 60 -90 jobs per day, by July 2012 this had

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Wasp Nests

Wasp Nests: A few years ago I had an unusual wasp job. The wasp nest was built in a car. There is nothing unusual about this (I have done nests in boats, cars, televisions, toilets etc) the unusual factor is that the owner of the car commuted to work on a daily basis. Normally if

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Bedbugs in a cinema?

Bedbugs in a cinema? We all know about bedbugs, and we know they live in less than hygienic mattresses and beds, but most of us think we’re pretty safe from them. Well maybe not. This article suggests that bedbugs are much more fertile than previously thought and they don’t confine themselves to beds only! Enjoy

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