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Ants Nests:

Ants Nests In Berkshire

Ants Nests In Berkshire

Ants in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, South Buckinghamshire & West London are suffering as are other insects due to the extended cold weather and the late start of Spring. Hibernating insects still use up energy whilst hibernating are are prone to evaporation (depending on humidity). Now warmer weather has finally arrived the ants are coming out of hibernation. It is not only temperature that effects them in hibernation. Daylight length is another factor.

The problem with treating ants at this time of year is that the ant activity is sporadic and only part of the nest(s) (ant problems always stem from several, not just one nest) may be active. It could be that nests on the edges of buildings may be foraging inside only. Once a spray or baiting treatment has been carried out ant activity may cease, the occupier may then think the problem is over and clean the treated areas and by doing so removing the insecticide only for ants to re appear after a couple of weeks.

There are two ways of dealing with ants, either by baiting with a gel or an insecticide treatment using sprays and/or dusts. The baits have improved over the past couple of years but not enough to replace insecticide sprays as is the case with the cockroach baits. There is a new bait made by Advion which is the manufacture of a very successful cockroach bait. PEST UK will be using this product in 2013. With an insecticide treatment an insecticide is used to coat the surfaces where ants are present and a barrier treatment on the external areas of the building that kills the ants as they pass over the treated areas. They may also take the insecticide back to the nest and contaminate the rest of the nest(s). Bait are slower to work and rely on worker ants taking the bait back to the nest where the rest of the nest is contaminated.

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