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Pest Control August Bank Holiday Weekend

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Pest Control August Bank Holiday Weekend:
European_Wasp_-_Full_Body_Picture_2We have had a few wasp calls this bank holiday weekend but not as many as expected as the weather was cloudy and  many people were away.

Often it is the case that wasps are a nuisance in a garden or park and we at PEST UK get a call. If a nest is close by it is  easy to locate at this time of year because the wasp population has now peaked and will, from now on, slowly decline. But often wasps from many different nests travel a long way for food – barbecues, picnics, etc – so, even if a nest is found close by, destroying it may not make a great difference to the wasps bothering people in a garden.
Sometimes we can get calls from customers who think they have a wasp nest and in fact can even see wasps entering the roof or a hole in the wall. This can sometimes be copycatting.

wasp-nest-treeIf there is a nest a few houses away or next door and the nest is say above the left hand side bedroom window, wasps returning to the nest get lost and head for the wrong house. Many houses look the same to a wasp, and once one wasp gets lost then others tend to follow. The end result is a lot of lost wasps hovering about an area where they think the nest is. . This type of problem may cause more problems than a ‘normal’ wasp nest, the reason for this is that a wasp nest in the roof that is not near a window can cause little problems to the occupants as the wasps will be flying high near to the house to gain access to the nest and it is not until the Autumn when they tend to get lost in the building and come inside the house that the occupants notice there is a wasp nest,  yet when wasps ‘get lost’ and go to the wrong site they immediately become a nuisance inside the house as well as around the mistakenly identified entrance.

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