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WaspFly Traps:
One of the strange situations that is seen at this time of the year is holes in the ground with a mass of wasps buzzing round but no nest. This is the work of badgers. Badgers will dig up wasp nests and eat the grubs. They seem to eat virtually all of the nest s well. As this mainly happens in late Summer and Autumn I am assuming that this is when the nest contains the highest meat content. The reason for this is that this is the time when the largest grubs/pupae are in the nest, the Queen and Drone grubs. These grubs are the last ones that the nest will produce. The workers construct large cells into which the Queen lays eggs and to the diet the workers feed the grubs they turn into fertile females (Queens) and Drones. All worker wasps are actually infertile females. The nest at this time of year probably has the most protein content as these grubs are much larger than worker grubs and the nest is at the largest size it is going to be. The badgers must be immensely tough to dig up and eat a wasp nest. Doing this would kill most animals.

Badgers have increased in numbers over the past few years, this can be seen by the amount of dead badgers seen by the side of the roads and it is sad but probably necessary that they are being culled to prevent the spread of TB in cattle. To me all killing is a necessary evil but man has changed the environment and if we are to eat and live disease free then controlling other animals must be done. Why protest about killing badgers? I don’t see larger demonstrations about killing rats. These are clever sociable animals but there are no marches with children and old people with rat masks on happening.

Wasp/Fly Traps
Disposable Wasp Bag from PEST UK
I have been testing wasp and fly traps recently and found that so far the trap that catches the most is the bag type trap. This out performed the fly bag trap in wasps and flies by about 50 times as much. Test is still on going. We sell and instal the traps at PEST UK.

To book a pest control treatment, to find out more on Wasp/Fly Traps or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

Wasp/Fly Traps


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