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Now is the ant ‘season’. Ants are well out of hibernation and the population of the nests is expanding, and now is the time people start encountering ant problems.

Black Ants

AntsThe majority of problems encountered in domestic situations are the common garden or black ant. These ants generally live outside or around the foundations of houses and other buildings. They usually forage outside but occasionally come inside, especially in early Spring when the outside temperatures are low and later when food sources are located inside. The ants lay pheromone trails which are indicators as to where food or water sources are. These trails are hard to eradicate and are followed by others from many different nests. People often think that what they are seeing come from one nest and once the nest is located and dealt with then the problem will be solved. This is rarely the case.

Ant Information from the BPCA

Tropical Ants

These are from the tropics that have colonised buildings in the UK. They behave differently and ‘normal’ insecticide treatments can actually make the situation worse. Pest Control Ants involving these is difficult and need an expert solution.

Further info on Tropical Ants from the BPCA

Wood Ants

Pest Control AntsThese rarely come into buildings. Their usual habitat is the floor of pine forests. Red wood ants get their name from their red and brown-black colouring and most species live in woodland habitats. Wood Ants are considered endangered and a lot of work is being done to conserve the species.


 Control of Ants

PESTUK offer a guaranteed treatment (inside areas only) for all types of ants. The tropical variety may require several treatments ranging over months or even years. External treatments will reduce the population but will recover. External treatments are often used when garden ant populations peak or just get too high, treatments in these cases are useful and depending on circumstances, may take several weeks or months for the problem to return.
More Information on Ants by PESTUK

PESTUK may use an insecticide spray or powder treatment, a baiting program or a combination, depending on the type of ants and the circumstances.

Pest Control Ants: To book a pest control treatment or for free advice on any pest control problems then please call us at PESTUK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

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