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Ants in the House

Ants The most often seen species of Ant is the Black Garden Ant. Ants seen foraging in homes will be the workers seeking sweet items to take back to feed to the Queen and the larvae in the nest colony. These colonies can range in size from a few dozen to a million in large

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Pest Control Ants

Now is the ant ‘season’. Ants are well out of hibernation and the population of the nests is expanding, and now is the time people start encountering ant problems. Black Ants The majority of problems encountered in domestic situations are the common garden or black ant. These ants generally live outside or around the foundations

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Rats in Basingstoke

Rats in Basingstoke I recently visited the Pelgar Rodent Training Faciliy in North Hampshire. PestUK are a BPCA registered company which proves that we are not cowboys, and are professionally trained pest controllers. At this rat training facility there are the most rats in basingstoke. Hundreds of rats are kept in pens.The rats behaviour is

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Ant Infestations

Ant Infestations: This past month have been our busiest April ever at PEST UK. Ants, especially in the latter part of the month have been the pest that has increased the most. As ants come out of hibernation they will forage inside as it is warmer. They may come out of hibernation early if the

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Ants, Pests & Flooding

Ants, Pests & Flooding: Most of the pests we deal with are not affected by the recent flooding. The main pests that we deal with at PEST UK that will be effected are will be rats and mice. They can swim ad flooding may encourage them to move into buildings and as long as the

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Ants Nests

Ants Nests: Ants in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, South Buckinghamshire & West London are suffering as are other insects due to the extended cold weather and the late start of Spring. Hibernating insects still use up energy whilst hibernating are are prone to evaporation (depending on humidity). Now warmer weather has finally arrived the

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