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New Year, New Pest Control Contract: The Benefits of a Contract with PESTUK

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Many shops and restaurants have need of a pest control contract. With this new year ahead there is no better time to book for a free quotation for a contract. Depending on your business it can be a lawful requirement to have a pest control contract in place. The benefits of a contract with PEST UK include-

the benefits of a contract with PESTUK

PESTUK contracts

  • Peace of mind- knowing that your property is covered for named pests and that other pests are treated with a 20% discount. Contracts are also available for all pests.
  • Scheduled visits- a set number of visits throughout the year with free call outs in between if needed to treat pest problems.
  • Expert advice- Our technicians are fully trained and can provide information and solutions to help prevent rodents or other pests from causing you problems.
  • Written reports after every scheduled visit, detailing any problems and giving hygiene and proofing recommendations.
  • Regular technician- Your contract will be managed by one technician who will be aware of the history of your premises and any previous pest problems there may be.
  • Domestic properties- PEST UK can provide contracts for domestic properties as well. From holiday homes, a row of houses a house or farm with livestock or a large estate with gardens.

Call PEST UK and we can arrange for a technician to provide you with a free quotation for a contract at your business or domestic premises at a time that suits you.


PESTUK are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control in the UK. Using a BPCA member company ensures you have a qualified, fully insured company treating your pest problem.

PESTUK have offices in OxfordGuildfordEnfieldSheppertonWantageSt. AlbansSalisburySt Albans and Enfield.

Call us on 0330 100 2811 to book an appointment regarding the benefits of a contract with PESTUK or any other pest problem you may have.


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