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Where Do Flies Go in the Winter?

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In the cold and short days of winter you may rarely see a fly in your home or outside. We may not always notice them but the majority stay active all year round. If the day is warm enough some may become more obvious and visible. This often leads to the question- Where do flies go in the Winter?

Flies will spend the days in nooks and crannies and will lay eggs in the early spring in rotting and decaying matter. Larger flies such as Blowflies and Blue bottles will be noticeable sunning themselves on sunny days.

Where do flies go in the Winter?

Cluster flies, however are different and will group in large amounts to nest over winter, waiting for the warmer weather where they can begin to mate and lay the next generations eggs. Once these nesting areas are chosen the information seems to be genetically passed on to the descendants so year on year you may have to deal with them in your property


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