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Are you attracting pests to your home without realising?

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Are you attracting pests to your home without realising?

There are a number of things you might be doing that are attracting pests to your property and as a result, can create a serious infestation in your home unless changes are made.

Many infestations can be treated however some are a lot harder to eradicate than others. Because of this, the safest and easiest way to stop pest infestations is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

So, what are some things you might already be doing that are attracting pests to your home?


1. Rubbish bins

Waste is extremely attractive to most, if not all, pests, whether it’s found inside or outside of your home. Rubbish acts as a food source but also a nesting spot for some pests too.

Bins inside the house can attract insects, while bins outside can attract birds and foxes. Waste in and outside of the home can attract rodents which is a cause for concern. Make sure all bins in and around your property are tightly sealed and not overflowing. Double bag food waste as an extra precaution to keep pests out of your rubbish. Keep on track with refuse collections to prevent rubbish from piling up outside your home and encouraging infestations in the area. 


2. Food

Food is an obvious factor for encouraging pests to your property, particularly, your kitchen. Spillages, crumbs, and food not cleared up properly are food for infestations and can attract numerous pests, big or small. Think rats, flies, and cockroaches – food can encourage pests like these that carry harmful diseases and most certainly should not be welcome in our kitchens. 

We advise you to clean up any unwanted food, store leftovers in airtight containers in the fridge or secure cupboards, and clean the surfaces in your kitchen straight after cooking to prevent pests from accumulating.

Additionally, fruit bowls can also be inviting to many pests. Exposed, overripe fruit can attract flies which once established can multiply quickly. 


3. Dishes

As well as cleaning up after cooking and eating, it’s also wise to wash up dishes as soon as you’ve finished eating. While it can be easy to leave this chore until the following day, dirty dishes left out can encourage several pests including cockroaches, ants, and flies. 


4. Cleanliness

Similarly to keeping the kitchen clean, it’s equally as important to keep a tight ship throughout the rest of your home. 

Skipping out on hoovering or forgetting to regularly change and wash bedding at high temperatures can make your home a breeding ground for many beetle insects. These include bed bugs which are considered one of the toughest pests to get rid of. 

Don’t forget to wash your pets’ bedding regularly on a hot wash too to prevent fleas from settling into your home. 


5. Clutter 

Likewise, clutter accumulating in garages, loft spaces, or spare rooms can become a problem regarding pests. Piling clutter in rarely used areas of the house can provide shelter and nesting spaces for pests, especially rodents. Try to keep storage organised and cleaned regularly. 


6. The garden

It’s not just the inside of your home that needs to be tidied but your garden too! Unkempt and overgrowing gardens are hotspots for pests to nest. These pests may live in the garden but may venture inside your house in search of food. 

Any vegetation touching the sides and roof of your home can encourage squirrels to climb into loft space where they can cause a lot of havoc and damage, not to mention they also pose a fire and flood risk.


7. Pet food 

It’s not just human food that attracts pests, pet food can too. Storing pet food in airtight containers kept off of the ground can help to prevent rodents. Additionally, avoid leaving cat or dog food on the ground for your furry friend to return to later as this can appear as a free meal to rats and mice.


8. Feeding birds

Whether it’s from a bird feeder or by hand, feeding birds in your garden can attract rodents, especially rats, to your property. We advise against feeding birds or placing a tray underneath bird feeders to prevent any seeds from spilling onto the ground.


9. Lights

Leaving lights on is a sure way to draw pests to your home. Flying insects such as moths and gnats are attracted to the light and can often be found swarming around bulbs. Remember to turn lights out in rooms you’re not using to not only save the planet but your home from pests.


10. Drains 

Unused drains can attract many insect pests, particularly flies. A dormant drain often hosts a slimy film that provides a perfect breeding ground for flies. Clean drains regularly, even those rarely used, to prevent fly infestations.


11. Damp

Excessive moisture, damp environments, and even leaky taps can attract common pests such as cockroaches, ants, and slugs, as well as the lesser-known silverfish. Fixing leaking pipes and keeping environments such as the kitchen and bathroom well ventilated is essential to prevent these pests.


12. Gaps, cracks, and crevices

Rodents are always on the lookout for a way into your home and mice especially can squeeze through tiny holes. Thin cracks in window and doorframes can also provide a way inside for insects. We advise searching for and sealing up any potential entry points to pests, no matter how small.


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