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Advertising a Pest Control Company

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Advertising a Pest Control Company & Queen Wasps:
Advertising a pest control company is a tricky business. Servicing companies like pest control that mainly rely on small value one off jobs that people may only use a few times in their life time can be tricky. Get it wrong and the company will not succeed. Spend to much money in the wrong place or even too much in the right place will effect profits and will lead to cutting back in important areas such as training, equipment or van maintenance. In this day a great deal of emphasis is on the internet and the success of a web page or internet directory campaign can be successful one year but not the next. The one thing to be sure of though is that the cost to be on the front page of the most popular search engine (Google) will always increase. Competition in the pest control industry has increased. This is contrary to what myself and many people in the business thought after the disastrous wasp season the the Summer of 2012. There is also the emergence of sites that advertise, for example a wasp nest service on the Internet. These companies then take a credit card payment up front (usually in the region on £100.00 to £200.00 pounds) then they contact a proper pest control company to do the work for £60.00!. There are many sites like this now. These sights are just relying on the one off trade. If some one wants something done in a hurry then the price that has to be paid can be a lower priority than other factors.

I have been running an experiment with various types of wasp and fly traps recently. I have noticed that the wasp nests are now producing new Queens and Drones. These new Queens indicate the start of the end of the nests as now no more new grubs will be produced leading to a change in diet and behaviour of the worker wasps. They (the workers) no longer have to collect high protein meat type food (flies, grubs etc) to feed the grubs and this coincides with the ripening of fruit.


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