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Is Removing a Wasp Nest Necessary?

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Is Removing a Wasp Nest Necessary?

Is Removing a Wasp Nest Necessary:
Is there any need to remove a wasp nest? The answer to this question is ‘No’. Even if the nest is in an accessible place (i.e. not in a cavity wall) the nest should not be removed until all the wasps that are out working have returned, been contaminated by the insecticide and died. You can remove a nest straight after treatment but the worker wasps returning may cause problems and possibly attempt to re-build the nest.
At PEST UK we recommend leaving the nest a month or so before any attempt is made to remove it. On our wasp nest leaflet we state that ‘there is no need to remove the nest and it will not rot or smell’. Generally this is true but on very rare occasions there may be a smell coming from a treated nest. This happens if the nest is treated mid to late Summer and the nest contains the Queen and Drone grubs. These grubs are larger than the worker grubs so the volume of flesh in the nest is at it’s greatest. If the nest is then treated and the workers die these grubs may rot and there may be a smell.

Is Removing a Wasp Nest Necessary cont. Most nests are located in loft spaces, lofts are deliberately well ventilated so smells in lofts rarely percolate down into the living area of the house. We notice this when treating rodent problems in lofts. The smell of a dead rodent may not be noticed until you actually get in the loft. It may be confusing to have many old wasps nests in the loft. Old houses particularly, may have many old nests in the loft dating back several years. This is because wasp nests only last one year so an old house may have many. Most nests are not treated but die out naturally. Nests high up in a roof will not bother people in the house unless they go into the loft and put a light on. This is because when entering a ‘high’ nest the wasps have to gain height beforehand so avoiding the garden areas beneath the nest. It may be beneficial to remove old nests in lofts so as to not scare plumbers or other tradesman who may go into lofts.
Is Removing a Wasp Nest Necessary
The queen wasps do tend to hibernate in the same areas where a nest has been established and then will form a new nest in the same location again in the  spring. It is therefore important to treat a nest as early as possible to stop this process happening.

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