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Is removing a wasp nest necessary?

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Is removing a wasp nest necessary? Many people think that to get rid of wasps you need to get rid of the nest itself. However, surprisingly, this is not the case. To treat wasps you do not need to remove the nest. In fact, any attempt to remove a nest before the wasp colony has been eliminated is not only highly dangerous but is also ineffective.


Treating wasps nests

In order to effectively treat wasps, professional pest control treatment is required. (You can find out more about our wasp nest treatment here). After treatment has been applied the nest must not be moved or the treatment will not work. If you remove a nest straight after treatment the worker wasps may return and possibly attempt to re-build the nest causing further problems.


Why do we not remove wasp nests?

It may seem to be common sense to remove the nest after the treatment is complete and the wasp colony has been eliminated however removing a wasp nest is not considered necessary.

Firstly, wasps nests cannot be reused. Each year the queen wasp will build her own nest. Queens will not reuse other nests and it is unlikely that another colony would move into an already built nest.

Secondly, wasps nests do not rot or smell. On very rare occasions there may be a smell coming from a treated nest. This happens if the nest is treated mid to late summer and the nest contains the queen and drone grubs. These grubs are larger than the worker grubs so the volume of flesh in the nest is at its greatest. However, this is very uncommon.


What if I want the nest removed after treatment? 

Do NOT attempt to remove or treat a wasp nest yourself. A number of DIY nest removal guides and treatment products can be found online. These may seem convenient and cheaper, but they are often unsafe and ineffective.

Wasps will sting if they feel their nest is threatened and will even call for backup from the rest of their colony to protect themselves and the nest.

Wasp stings are extremely painful, and can even be fatal. Many people, more often than not children and pets, can have severe allergic reactions to wasp stings.

At PEST UK we will not remove the nest after treatment. However, we can come back at a later date to remove a wasp nest at an additional cost if you wish. We recommend leaving the nest a month or so before any attempt is made to remove it. The nest should not be removed until all the vacant wasps have returned, been contaminated by the insecticide and have died.

Learn more wasp removal on our website here.



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