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Pigeon Proofing in Car Park in Berkshire

Pigeon Proofing in Car Park in Berkshire: PestUK have just spent the last couple of days installing pigeon spikes in a car park in Berkshire. Pigeons had been roosting and nesting in many areas throughout the multi-storey car park  for many years. As a result of this many of the areas underneath the roost were

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Local Authority Pest Control

Local Authority Pest Control in Berkshire, Harrow, Hounslow, West London, Middlesex, North Hampshire, Surrey, South Oxfordshire & South Buckinghamshire: Apart from the usual seasonal trends and variations in population of different pest species, a great deal of our work is influenced by what the local council do or don’t do. Most (if not all) of

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Grey Squirrels

Grey Squirrels: When we say the word “Squirrel” it immediately conjures up images of Beatrix Potter like figures, all warm and cosy and fairytale like. Unfortunately the reality is often very different, and squirrels can be a real problem for some people. There are people who actively encourage squirrels by feeding them.  In other cases

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Calls for Wasp Nests, Bees and Ants

Calls for Wasp Nests, Bees and Ants: At PEST UK we are getting many calls in our area (Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Surrey, South Buckinghamshire and North Hampshire) for people saying they have a wasp nest. At this time of the year this is rarely the case. If they have any wasp(s) it will be a

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Honey Bees

Honey Bees: No one likes to kill bees and at PEST UK we will always try and move them where possible. Bees are not protected as some people believe. In fact honey bees are a semi domesticated species. Although not officially protected they (Honey Bees) may only be treated as long as there is no

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