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Pigeon Proofing in Car Park in Berkshire

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Pigeon Proofing in Car Park in Berkshire:
PestUK have just spent the last couple of days installing pigeon spikes in a car park in Berkshire.

Pigeons had been roosting and nesting in many areas throughout the multi-storey car park  for many years. As a result of this many of the areas underneath the roost were heavily contaminated with pigeon faeces. While not the most difficult type of work, it was one of the more disgusting jobs I have done in a while.

Cleaning pigeon faeces is quite hazardous, but is not a problem as long as the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is used, which is something that everyone at PestUK takes quite seriously.This job was particularly disgusting due to the various insect species which had infested the pigeon nests.

Only the most high risk areas of the car park were spiked, which in this case was all of the public entrances. Obviously in an ideal world all areas which provide harbourage would be bird proofed against pigeons, but at PestUK we realise that pigeon-proofing work is expensive and we can tailor quotes to make a realistic compromise between protecting public health and excessive cost.

These photos show how faeces  build-up under roosts:


Pigeon-proofing by PestUk.com




Pigeon-proofing by PestUk.com



This is one of the entrances after it was spiked to prevent any future nesting:

Pigeon proof spikes by PestUK.com


When carrying out bird work such as this we understand that many people do not like to see pigeons being harmed. There is an element of the British public who does not understand the related risk of disease and vermin that these nests may bring.  At PestUK we are always discreet when dispatching pest animals such as pigeons, particularly when we are in areas such as this where we can be seen by the public.

If you require any further information please visit our bird proofing page or call us on 0800 026 0308

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