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Why Commercial Properties Should Have Pest Control Contracts

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Why Commercial Properties Should Have Pest Control Contracts

We receive a lot of calls asking why commercial properties should have pest control contracts in place. The majority of businesses are required by law to have a pest control contract in place. Pests, be they rodent, insect or bird have the potential to contaminate your workplace, spread diseases, damage equipment and supplies such as foodstuffs. They can cause structural damage and can ruin your reputation leading to a loss of business and even prosecution. If you have a pest problem at your business you are responsible for dealing with pests that are attracted there. It is extremely important that you put the right provisions in place to protect you, your staff and your customers. Why Commercial Properties Should Have Pest Control Contracts

Pest Control and the Law for Commercial Properties

Laws are in place to ensure public health safety when it comes to pests these include the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, which states- “if on any land it appears to the local authority that steps should be taken for the destruction of rats or mice or otherwise for keeping the land free from rats and mice, they may serve on the owner or occupier a notice requiring him to take, within such reasonable period as may be specified, such reasonable steps for the purpose aforesaid as may be so specified.” The local Environmental Health Office will be happy to know that as the owner of a commercial property you are proactive in dealing with any potential pest problems.

What to look for in a pest control contract

When choosing a company for providing your pest control contract we would recommend checking the company is a BPCA member, they are fully insured and fully trained. With a PEST UK contract you will receive-

  • Cover of your premises for named pests for a fixed fee.
  • Baits and insect monitoring traps are laid and inspected at regular intervals as agreed upon in the contract.
  • Free call-outs within 24 hours for problems from pests covered by your contract.
  • Written reports are written during each visit detailing any problems and giving hygiene/proofing recommendations.
  • Details of all rodenticides & insecticides used.
  • Timing of visits can be arranged to suit you.
  • Discount of 20% on any treatments that are not included in your contract.
  • Accreditation – PEST UK is a full BPCA member. All technicians are members of the PROMPT/BASIS scheme.
  • Once a contract is allocated to a technician we don’t swap technicians. They will know the history of the contract.
  • Scheduled Visits – PEST UK will supply dates of scheduled visits and can ring beforehand for confirmation if preferable.
  • Regular Advice – Your technician will be available for advice between 8am & 6pm.
  • 7 Day Service – PEST UK operates 7 days a week including Bank Holidays.


PESTUK are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control in the UK. Using a BPCA member company ensures you have a qualified, fully insured company treating your pest problem.

PESTUK have offices in Oxford, Guildford, Enfield, Shepperton, Wantage, St. Albans, Salisbury, St Albans and Enfield.

Call us on 0330 100 2811 to book an appointment regarding Why Commercial Properties Should Have Pest Control Contracts or any other pest problem you may have.


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