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Wasps in Edgware

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Wasps in Edgware
Wasps in Edgware
Info on Wasps from PESTUK
At PEST UK we are now treating wasps in Edgware.
Wasps Edgware
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Wasps in Edgware – Prices

Price for a guaranteed wasp treatment is £50 + VAT (Total £60 inc VAT). We prefer payment by credit or debit card but do accept cash. Extra nests treated on the same visit are an additional £10 + VAT per nest. Although all wasp nest start in April and cannot move, it is not always possible to locate all the nests on the site on one visit. It is not unusual for larger houses to have more than one wasp nest. If the nest is very high, in a chimney for example then it may be necessary to use a long ladder and roof ladders which is a 2 man operation and costs £135 + VAT.
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Information on Wasps from the BPCA
Contacting PEST UK for wasps in Edgware, for advice or any pest control problem:

Our Edgware Pest Control Office telephone line is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The phone is always answered by a person. The telephone number is: 020 8226 5457
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The address of the PEST UK Edgware office is:

12-14 High Street

The PEST UK Edgware Pest Control Office Web Page
The British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

PESTUK are full BPCA members. This organisation has strict criteria for membership: full insurance, qualified technicians, all staff to have on going refresher training and a complaints procedure. You can be sure that when you invite a PEST UK pest control technician into your home you will have a qualified, honest, fully insured and qualified pest control technician.
Wasp Nest Edgware
Home Page of the BPCA
Weekend Working

Not only do PEST UK work weekends but also supply early morning and evening appointments. In addition we are also on call all Bank Holidays. There is a supplement for Sundays and Bank holidays.

Same Day Service

In most cases PEST UK offer a same day service.

PESTUK is not a franchise and has was established in 1989.


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