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Cockroaches in Edgware

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Cockroaches in Edgware

PESTUK have recently had a few enquiries regarding cockroaches in Edgware. Edgware has some older housing stoke and old victorian sewers that combine to produce more pests than modern towns. This does not apply to all pests but certainly to cockroaches, bed bugs, rats and mice. Modern towns such as Bracknell or Basingstoke generally have less cockroach and other pest problems such as bed bugs, rats and mice than old towns such as Reading, Aldershot of areas of London like Hounslow, Egham, Edgware etc.
Cockroaches in Edgware
Information from Wikipedia about Edgware
Treatment of Cockroaches

PESTUK offer a two visit treatment for cockroaches. we use the new cockroach baits that although take time to work are much more thorough than the old method of insecticide spraying. We offer guarantees but only if all the building is treated the same time so the guarantee may not apply to terraced houses, flats or semi detached houses. Although a guarantee can’t be offered for these types of dwellings our success rate is extremely high.
Cockroaches Edgware
More info on cockroaches from PESTUK
Preparation Prior to Treating Cockroaches

Cleanliness is very important. The cleaner a kitchen is then the faster the treatment will work and the more successful it will be. Cockroaches like to live in Fridge motors, cookers, water heater, freezers and other items that remain hot for long periods.
Cockroach Treatment Edgware
Cockroach information from the BPCA
The British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

PESTUK is a full BPCA member company.
The BPCA Home Page
If you have cockroaches in Edgware then please call our Edgware Pest Control office on: 0020 8226 5457. When the Edgware pest control office is not occupied then the calls are diverted to our central pest control office in Portman Rd, Reading where we can arrange appointments and give advice on cockroaches or any pest control problem.

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