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Wasp Nests School:
Although the wasp season this year has been ‘poor’ for pest control companies in the South of England there is always a burst of requests from Schools at this time of year. This demand peaks early September once the Schools open fully. The wasp nests have been able to expand in the Summer Holidays relatively unnoticed until the Schools re open. We do get a steady stream of requests from schools in August, usually the result of building work or other maintenance, including roofing which leads to work men discovering wasp nests. In all cases our response has to be fairly rapid otherwise work which is normally under a tight deadline in schools (most building work needs to be finished before the schools re open) and once the pupils are back it can be dangerous to have active wasp nests with so many people about. German Wasp

The wasps are more troublesome in the Autumn as they are then feeding on fruit rather than collecting an insect prey to feed to the grubs. (Grub production ceases around mid August, depending on type of wasp, weather and other factors). The wasps also have more time to be troublesome as no time is spent feeding grubs or expanding the nest so most daylight hours are spent feeding and causing problems when people have food etc. At PEST UK we will be ready for the demands of all the school calls when the schools go back. PEST UK have many schools with Pest Control Contracts. Some include wasp nest treatments in the fee charged while others are covered for public health pests (mainly rats, mice and the monitoring for cockroaches) with other pests (including wasp nests) charged but at discounted rates. In 2011 we treated 43 wasp nests at a private school in Wokingham. Now they have a pest control contract but since that time there hasn’t been a ‘good’ wasp year as 2011.


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