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False Widow Spiders

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False Widow Spiders in a Garage:
photo 1We are still getting calls about False Widow Spiders. Even though they have been present in the UK for many years the recent publicity has lead to people being very wary of this type of spiders. Most spiders can bite but this is quite rare. Attached is a photo a customer sent prior to a treatment in the customers garage. The customer was concerned as they had a young child. I advised the customer to remove as much clutter as possible and to clean as much as is possible. We would then apply a residual insecticide (in this case an insecticide called ‘Effect Microtech CS’) to the walls, ceilings, windowsills inside and externally around windows, doors and roof join.

photo 1
This insecticide is absorbed by the spiders (or any insects) that walk across the treated surfaces. This type of treatment can last up to three months inside but typically one to two months depending on environmental factors such as humidity (high humidity leads to the insecticide degrading more quickly). Outside the insecticides will degrade much quicker than this. All modern insecticides are the same, the drawback of being safe and biodegradable is that they are very delicate and will break down quickly. Effect Microtech CS is the best modern insecticide (also the most expensive!) it is the latest tip of synthetic (man made) Pyrethroid type on insecticide. It also has the advantage of being ‘micro encapsulated which does overcome the degrading issue some what by slowly releasing the insecticide over a period of time. The garage was treated and although the insecticide treatment will kill the vast majority of insects it may be possible to still see some insects that get into areas inaccessible to the insecticide. False Widow spiders are now a steady for of income for pest control companies thanks to the British press causing panic.
False Widow Spiders

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