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UK Pest Calendar

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UK Pest Calendar:
Pests are with us all year round and we’ve put together this useful image to show you what to expect when!

As you’d probably expect there is not a lot of pest activity during the dormant winter months, and then with spring approaching some pests start becoming more active.The types of pests change in the Winter (unless it is very mild). Generally there is a reduction of most (not all) of the insect pests with more pest control problems with rats, mice and squirrels. Some insect pests remain constant throughout the year, these include cockroach infestations, bed bugs and tropical ants.

By the time summer is upon us there is a lot of activity from ants, flies, wasps and fleas.

In most cases prevention is better than cure and keeping some of these pests at bay is a lot easier than trying to clear up infestations. Little things like keeping food areas clean, and eve just double bagging rubbish in the hotter months can go a long way to preventing pests.

Although this list highlights seasonal pest activity, some of these pests can still appear at other times of the year. If you feel you have a pest problem don’t leave it too long – call in the professionals as soon as you can.


Which pests are prevalent in which months

Which pests are prevalent in which months


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