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One of the more unusual types of work carried out by myself at PestUK is known in the trade as ‘bird work’. Bird work usually refers to the job of installing different types of netting and spiking onto existing building or structures, usually to stop pigeons from fouling the area below. In my time with this company I have done bird work  in a huge variety of different locations, ranging from airports, warehouses and domestic houses. There are two main reasons that people have bird work or bird proofing carried out, either for protection of public health reasons, or just due to general nuisance created by the noise and activity of the birds. There are two main technicians who carry out most of the bird work for PestUK, I (Rick Pellen) and Rick Null. Alec also regularly carries out quotes for work to be carried out. Usually when someone contacts us about having some type of proofing carried out at a site, someone will come out to have a look at the area with the problem. Usually people will contact us with some idea of the type of proofing that they want (e.g spikes on 2 ledges, netted windows etc), but in almost all situations we come out and look at the site before giving a quote as often pigeons will move around to different perches on a building, and the harbourage areas may be difficult to establish without experience of pigeons habits. This is to ensure that the client is satisfied with the results of any work that we conduct.

Netting over air-conditioning units on building roof

Example Scenario: The reason that I have included the above picture is to give an example of a real scenario! Before Christmas I went out to a site to do a quote for installation of a pigeon net covering an area above some air-con units. Pigeons were roosting under an overhang and also in the units themselves. They were then fouling the area with their droppings which was creating a hazard for people servicing the air-con units. The units were located inside a recessed hole in part of the roof. Rather than spiking the different overhangs and ledges, I made the decision to net over the entire recessed area of roof as that would establish complete control. The picture illustrates this better than I can describe in words. In order to gain access to the roof a cherry picker was required (which we supplied as part of the works), often work like this is done at considerable height so this is not a job for the feint hearted! If you have a bird-proofing job you would like undertaken please contact us and we can come out and give you a quote!

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