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Solar Panels Proofing Service

Mar 03 in Pests

Proofing solar panels

As solar panels gain popularity for installing on home roofs the demand for preventing birds from nesting under and fouling goes up.

Why birds should be stopped from nesting

Birds find the panels attractive for nesting under as they are a means of preventing predators from attacking. This results in bird droppings and nesting damage, which can lead to guttering and drains becoming blocked and increased noise levels. The birds can also cause damage to the panels themselves which can become expensive after such an investment this is undesirable.

Birds, especially Pigeons carry Psittacosis which is carried in the dust of dried pigeon droppings this can cause respiratory problems.


PESTUK now have access to a new mesh that has proven to be more succesful in use than the previous method of spiking. In the 3 years we have used it, we have not had a call back for problems. The mesh comes in a roll and is fastened under the lip of the solar panels using special clips made solely for this job. The mesh can then be folded so it can not be seen once the job is completed, this also increases the rigidity of the mesh. This also prevents leaves from getting under and gathering preventing the panels working properly.

solar panels with proofing

Our technician installing proofing to solar panels

Our technicians are experienced in using roofing ladders and two of our technicians are PASMA certified to build scaffolding; ensuring we can gain access to the panels.


We offer free quotes for works to be carried out and can usually provide a quote for proofing your home from photos sent in to-

Prices will vary depending on amount of panels and access and other factors.

Technician attaching solar panel mesh



We guarantee the installation of the mesh for one year for any defects to the works done. We have never had a situation where we have had to return to a property when the job has been completed.

To book an appointment please call PESTUK on 0330 100 2811 or

PEST UK (Reading – East)

Tel: 0118 373 2241



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