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Cold Weather & Pests

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Cold weather & pests

With the very cold weather and snow people will have been staying inside more, shutting doors and windows to keep heat in. This unfortunately does not stop all pests from entering.

Some pests are more prevalent in summer months, such as insects. they are very visible in these warmer times and disappear once winter arrives.

While some pests are not visible it does not mean they are not in your home, in the attic or loft or another area, keeping warm using insulation as bedding or as part of a nest.

Preventing access

In winter we have doors shut to help conserve heat, but an open door is not the only way to gain access to your property for a pest. A hole the width of a pencil can be enough for a rat or mouse to begin gaining access to your property. There teeth are exceptionally strong and can even make holes in metal.

Another thing to consider is that with the snow collections from our waste bins and recycling can be delayed. Leaving bags out with easy access can invite pests to begin foraging and make the property itself more attractive as shelter for them.

General debris such as leaves and dead vegetation can also be enticing as a nesting area for rodents and other pests looking for a safe harbourage point. These should be cut back and cleaned up on a regular basis to prevent problems from occurring.


cold weather & spiders

Cold weather will draw spiders into homes.

In autumn and winter call outs for treating spiders are most common. This is the time their populations will peak as the days get shorter and colder and wetter temperatures entice them inside to our warm homes. PESTUK can spray a residual insecticide onto walls inside and outside around windows and doors as well as on wall/floor and wall/ceiling junctions.


Cold weather & cockroaches

Cockroaches will survive in cold weather

Seeking warm and humid areas of the home to nest and breed in, they require high temperatures but can survive in cold weather. They most commonly can be found in kitchens, laundry rooms, boiler rooms & anywhere where high temperatures occur.

In a kitchen their favourite places to live will be inside fridges (where fridge motors constantly give off heat), cookers, boilers & washing machines.

PESTUK treat cockroaches with Advion gel bait. The treatment will be more successful if surfaces are clean. Pay attention to under & inside cookers, fridges etc. before the technician arrives.

When looking for a professional company for pest control always check they are a registered member of the BPCA.

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