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Removal of Rodents

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Removal of Rodents:
Removal of Rodents in a House: For the first time since Spring this year the number of rodent jobs taken in a day at PEST UK has exceeded the insect jobs. These rodent jobs are a mixture of rats, mice and squirrels. The rats and mice are a result of the weather getting colder and the vegetation and cover dining back making the rats and mice seek shelter. The population of rats and mice is also at the peak as they have been breeding all year and taking advantage of the natural food available as well as ‘artificial’ food such as bird feed, crops, rubbish etc. The increase in squirrel enquiries again is the result of colder weather. Squirrels at this time of year will look for a warmer place to sleep during cold weather. They don’t hibernate properly but will sleep and remain inactive for long periods during the Winter. Squirrels have several dreys within their territory and a loft space may be one of many. Of course the Red Squirrel is protected and is the native squirrel. The squirrels we have in the PEST UK catchment area of central Southern England and Wes London are all Grey Squirrels which are an alien species introduced from North America. Not only have they displaced the Red Squirrel but kill a lot of birds and their eggs as well as stripping bark from trees.
Control and elimination of these pests is carried out with a combination of baits, traps, proofing and hygiene measures. Not taking into account all these subjects may lead to the treatment failing or being re infested in a short time. They may include blocking holes, stopping bird feeding, reducing composting, cutting back of trees or other vegetation. At PEST UK our technicians are very experienced and will advise on all these matters.
For free advice or to book up a pest control treatment then please call: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).
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