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Proofing Rats & Mice

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Proofing Rats & Mice:
Proofing has to be considered when dealing with rats and mice in buildings. Just treating a rat or mouse infestation with Rodenticides may work but other rats moving into an area can always tell where other rats and mice have been even years later. The food source is probably the most important short term factor, especially with Rats. In the case of Mice they are able to survive in loft spaces on insects and seeds blown in and any other organic matter. Only very sparse populations can survive like this so the population density is very low but will increase should they come across a food source say in a kitchen or shed with seeds and bulbs in. Rats need a source of high protein food to thrive. They also need access to fresh water.
So in the short term rats and mice can be dealt with by reducing or eliminating the food source, using a rodenticide (poison bait) and reducing cover where ever possible but in the long term proofing must be looked into.

Mel (PEST UK’s lady technician) has taken this picture of a hole rats made in an air brick to gain access to the building. This type of modern air brick is actually one of the only types that mice cannot get through (they can get through a 1cm gap) but unfortunately as it is made of plastic, rats can chew through it!
Plastic Air Brick Damaged by Rats
PEST UK supply and fit mesh covers for air bricks. These are designed to prevent mice and slugs getting into a cavity wall. Although they don’t look that sturdy I have yet to see rats chew through these covers but it is a possibility.
Where as rats and mice will generally gain access to a building at lower levels (but not always so) Grey Squirrels will enter a building at roof or gutter level often under the tiles. After the present family of Squirrels has been eliminated then this area needs inspecting and proofed.
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