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Pest Control in March

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Pest Control in March

Pest Control in March for us at PEST UK is dominated in the early part of March by the rodent pests of: rats, mice and squirrels along with the pest control contract work with scheduled inspections and call outs. As well as these we have the insect jobs that are not really effected by seasonal changes such as Cockroaches and Bed Bugs. As the month progresses we will be seeing more insect pests. The two main ones will be ants and cluster flies. Depending on the temperature we may even start to get Bumble Bees and Queen Wasps.
Pest Control Food Premises and Restaurants
Rats and Mice More on Rats from PESTUKMore on mice from PESTUK

These are still under pressure from the lack of ‘natural’ food, the lack of vegetation cover and the cold to come into buildings or look for new food supplies. This brings them into contact with people who then need them dealing with. ur pest control technicians will find out the food source, try to find any entry/exit points, lay poison bait to deal with the existing problem and recommend any measures that need to be taken to prevent a re occurrence.

 Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Squirrels Squirrels by PESTUK

Squirrels will be looking for a warm safe place to have their first litter. Lofts are an ideal place. Not many companies offer a guaranteed treatment for squirrels. We are so confident in our pest control technicians abilities, PEST UK have a fixed price to clear a squirrel infestation in a loft.
Grey Squirrel in March Feeding on spilt bird food
Cluster flies Flies by PESTUK

Cluster Flies will be emerging from hibernation in March, bring with them problems of dead and dying flies.
Pest Control in March cluster fly
Ants Ants – PESTUK

Ants start to come out of hibernation in March.
Pest Control in March: Ants
PESTUK offer guaranteed pest control treatment seven days a week. We are open weekends and bank holidays (there is an extra charge for these days) and our first jobs are 8am and last jobs 7pm. A same day service is also provided.

Call PEST UK for advice or a pest control treatment on 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate)


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