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Bees in March

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Bees in March

Bees generally make there appearance in March. There are several types of bees that can be problems for people. The three main types of bees are:

Bumble Bees in March

These are the first type of bee to appear. Their lifecycle is similar to wasps with only the previous years fertilised Queens surviving the Winter. They are extremely hardy with some species even inhabiting the Arctic.
Bumble Bees in March
Mason & Mining Bees in March

These types of bees are ‘solitary’ bees. This just means that unlike Bumble & Honey bees where the workers are sterile females and only the Queen lays eggs, with Mason and Mining bees, all the females lay eggs. These bees normally start late March or April. The Mason Bees lay eggs in banks or walls where there is loose mortar or holes while the Mining bees lay eggs in banks and loose soil.

Honey Bees in March

These are different again with the colony building up a supply of honey to survive the Winter. In certain stages swarms of Honey bees can be ‘boxed’ and re located to a hive.
Honey Bees in March
Can bees be treated?

At PEST UK we always try and move bees rather than destroy them. Bees are not protected. If destruction is the only option then they have to be dealt with in a certain way. Honey bees especially can be problematic to treat. An example of this is an established Honey Bees nest in a chimney. In a case like this there may be kilos of bees wax, honey and nest debris which won’t only be an attractant to other honey bees and wasps but parasites as well. Honey bee nests in chimneys can also lead flues being blocked with all the dangerous problems this can lead to. Bees can be treated.
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For advice on Bees, to book a bee treatment or for any pest control matter then please call PEST UK on 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate)
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