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Pest Control December & January

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Pest Control December & January:
December and early January are traditionally a slow months for pest control companies. Rat and mouse enquiries normally tend to increase in January but this hasn’t happened yet. There may be several reasons. The first is probably that it hasn’t been particular cold so rats or mice haven’t needed to take risks such as feed in daylight hours when they will be seen or to go into buildings for shelter as the vegetation cover diminishes and the weather gets colder.
The other reason is the flooding we have been experiencing. This will displace rats and mice but also cover areas where they may be seen in water. As the temperature is not that low there is not so much bird feeding going on which is a major factor when rat problems are involved. In fact 80% of our domestic rat call outs involve bird feeding of some kind. People feel sorry for birds when there is snow and/or it is very cold. So far in January, apart from our pest control contract work, which is steady all year round we have been doing a mix of Bed Bugs (which are not really seasonal), rats, moles, mice, cockroaches, flies, cluster flies and one flea spray.
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Although currently we are not taking many rat jobs the general population of rats at present is high. We can tell this but the amount of rat poison we are using on our contract, which is a great more than normally used at this time of year. Some years January can be busy depending on the weather. In fact in 2012 January was the month wit the biggest turnover in monetary terms for the year. This is artificially boosted though as quite a few companies like to start (and Pay upfront) for their pest control contracts at the start of the year.


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