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German, Australian & American Cockroaches:
I was lucky to be on holiday in Tenerife over Christmas but was unlucky enough to be met with a cockroach infestation in my accommodation – German, Australian and American species. The larger Australian and American variety were less of a problem and were probably casual intruders from outside areas. These are more alarming than the smaller German Cockroaches but less of a health hazard as they (in this sub tropical situation) anyway.

The German Cockroach infestation was mainly in the ‘normal’ places you would expect to find German Cockroaches in an infestation in the UK ie: in the kitchen around the fridge, dishwasher and cooker and in the bathrooms and boiler. The only difference is that they seemed to wander further from these areas than they generally would in the UK.

Probably due to the fact that seeing large Cockroaches outside is common place people tend to tolerate them more inside but the fact of the matter is they spread disease and should not be tolerated in living areas. Most hotels will regally treat external walls and pavements with a residual insecticide on a regular basis to control the larger species that live outside in these hotter climates. In food preparation areas pest control is generally exactly the same as the UK.

The maintenance company did try and treat the problem with Gel and spray. I could see this was going to fail. The DIY man only gel baited part of the kitchen and only pulled the appliances out on my insistence. Any treatment takes time to work and this was no exception. Dead and dying cockroaches were found in and around the baited area throughout our two week stay. The treatment was a failure as healthy cockroaches of all species were still active throughout our stay. We found cockroaches living in the kettle and the toaster at the start of our stay and although these were both replaced they were re infested by the end of the two weeks. Cockroaches were found in the beds, falling out of the seal of the fridge and throughout the apartment.cockroach-jpg

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