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Hygiene and German Cockroaches in Food Premises

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German Cockroaches are a potential health hazard and can lead to an Environmental Health Officer to close a restaurant to protect the public. The picture below is that of cockroach monitoring traps laid in an Indian restaurant in Reading, Berkshire where PEST UK have a pest control contract. All of PEST UK’s food related contracts have cockroach monitoring built into the contract. This means that cockroach problems are picked sooner rather than later, preferably before an Environmental Health Officer, a member of staff or worse a customer sees the problem. This was the case with this particular customer, a scheduled inspection found the cockroach problem and this was acted on immediately by the technician. The problem in this case was that as well as a server cockroach infestation the hygiene was appalling.

German Cockroaches on a Pheromone Sticky monitoring trap

German Cockroaches on a Pheromone Sticky monitoring trap

Cockroach treatment effectiveness much reduced if the hygiene is poor. Cockroaches will feed on spilt food mater, grease and fat in poorly cleaned kitchens. Pest controllers spend a lot of time on their knees looking under kitchen furniture. Most kitchens have debris and grease in these areas. Not many kitchens are very clean in these ‘unseen’ places. We will be writing to this customer to reinforce what they have been told verbally and in writing on the reports produced on site at the time of the visit by the pest control technician. As is often the case in many aspects of pest control, the customer has to work with the pest controller to eradicate pests, wether it be to stop bird feeding, clean the premises or replace missing drain plugs in bins. Insect and rodent pest problems cannot always be sorted using rodenticides and insecticides on their own. This does not always satisfy some customers who expect complete eradication of their pests quickly!

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