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Sewer Valves – Rat Prevention

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Sewer Valve in placeMel (PEST UK’s only lady technician) recently fitted a sewer valve and took photo’s to demonstrate how they work. These valves are a cheap alternative to digging up a sewer to fix a breach. In fact the price of the supply and fitting of a sewer valve can be cheaper than the price to put a camera down the sewer.Sewer Pipe 'shifted'

This year we fitted two valves to school in Wokingham. This school had rat problems for many years. We had advised the fitting of the valves at the start of the problem but due to cost and the poor faith in these valves they declined. After all these years and thousands of pounds spent on treatments, we fitted the valves and the problem was solved instantly. One of the pictures of the sewer that Mel has taken shows the sewer pipe has shifted. This can allow rats to escape from the sewer and burrow to the surface which can allow them to enter buildings.

A high percentage of rat problems in terraced and older properties are in fact sewer problems. The problem with terraced and blocks of flats is that, depending on the age and type of sewer, is that in these instances several valves may be required.
Rat Sewer Valve
PEST UK charge £166.67 + VAT for the supply and fitting of a sewer valve. They are quite expensive to buy as the market is small but as their use increases the price should drop.
In Australia they are used to prevent snakes entering houses from the sewer via the toilet bowl. There is another advantage to fitting these valves, they prevent flooding of the type which happened to many hundreds of homes this last Winter where the level of the sewer rises and spills out of toilets ext into the house. As the sewer valve is one way, this is prevented.
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