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What is the difference between a honeybee and a wasp?

What is the difference in appearance between a honeybee and a wasp? Size Honeybees are smaller than wasps. Honeybees are 10-15mm long. Wasps are 10-30mm long. Body Shape Honeybees are plump and slightly rounded. Wasps have a slender, elongated body with a narrow waist between the thorax and abdomen. Colour Honeybees are predominantly golden or

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PEST UK donate £1,344 to Operation Smile

PEST UK are proud to continue our support of Operation Smile with a donation of £1,344 made today, 29 December 2022. This year is the 10th successive year we’ve donated 1% of our annual profit to change the lives of children born with a cleft. Operation Smile is a global charity providing world-class cleft care in

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How a PEST UK technician extracted a bee nest

Bee nest extraction In November 2022, one of our technicians, Rick Pellen, attended a property in Oxfordshire with two live bee nests in the roof space over a downstairs cloakroom. The nests had been there for several years and honey was seeping through the ceiling into the rooms below. The weight of the nests was

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How to prevent rat problems | Rats access properties via drains

Rat problems in drains Avoid rat problems in drains as the drains provide rats with easy access to a property if they haven’t been proofed. If a property has been left vacant for a significant period, the toilets won’t be flushed which leaves the drainage system dry making it very easy for rats to move

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Top tips to deter pests in a heatwave

Whilst we’re experiencing a heatwave, you’ll notice an impact on the behaviour and activities of insects and other pests. What does heat do to insects? Insect activity is always at its highest during the summer. This is because insects are cold-blooded so their body temperature is entirely dependent on the temperature of the environment around

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Top tips to get rid of fruit flies

Why are fruit flies a problem? Fruit flies are annoying, and although they don’t bite, they can be a health hazard They carry bacteria and transfer it to wherever they land. They’re particularly attracted to ripe and rotting food, manure and other faeces that may contain salmonella, E.coli and listeria which cause food poisoning. Additionally,

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How to safely collect and remove a swarm of bees

Do you need help to remove a swarm of bees? Why do bees swarm? As the weather has become warmer during the last couple of weeks honeybees are starting to swarm. They are the only type of bee that swarms as they are the only sociable bee. Honeybees swarm when a queen leaves her nest,

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How to protect your home from honeybees

You may have noticed bees buzzing amongst the spring flowers. The warmer temperatures have woken queen bumblebees from their winter hibernation and they have emerged to feed on nectar before looking for a suitable nest site. The more social honeybees have also become active after ‘overwintering’. When the temperature drops below 10°C the worker bees

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Do you have a rat problem?

Why is it necessary to control rats? Rats are one of the ultimate survivor species. This is because they are natural scavengers, remarkably intelligent and can squeeze through tiny spaces that you wouldn’t believe possible. They are also prolific breeders. They breed all year round, producing up to 6 litters each year with between 5

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What are moles and why do they make molehills?

What are moles like? Most people have never seen a mole as they live almost entirely underground. They are cute, velvety creatures that grow to between 11 and 16 cm and have very tiny eyes. They have limited eyesight although it doesn’t matter because they live in darkness. Moles find their way around underground and

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Watch How a PEST UK Technician Treats and Prevents Infestations

PEST UK’s pest control technicians are highly skilled and experienced in treating and preventing infestations. Our social media editor went out with a few of our technicians to film them in action. This video shows George carrying out rodent treatment and prevention, treating a wasp nest and an infestation of ants. He explains why he

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An Invasion of Cluster Flies is a Huge Nuisance

It’s necessary to get rid of cluster flies as they infest homes in such large numbers. Are cluster flies a health hazard? Cluster flies aren’t a health hazard in the same way that house flies are. For instance, they aren’t attracted to your food or waste as somewhere to lay their eggs. They only invade

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